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Available Rebates

Both Federal and Provincial Rebates are available on a wide variety of energy efficiency products:

- Heat Pumps
- EV Chargers
- Hot Water Tanks + Tankless
- Insulation 

Canada Greener Homes Program

Up to $6,500 in Grants + Rebates 
Up to $40,000 Interest Free Loan 

Canada Greener Homes is a Federal program that provides grants and financing for energy efficient improvements to your home:

- Heat Pumps

- Insulation

- Hot Water Heating

- Windows, Doors and Air Sealing

- Solar 

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Grant

Up to $5,000 

The OHPA Grant is available for low to middle income households that make the switch from oil heating to heat pumps

Qualifying households must be at or below the net median household income of $53,140 (after tax)

Can be combined with all other available rebates

Efficiency Nova Scotia Rebates
Free Energy Efficiency Products
Assorted Rebates Available 

Efficiency NS offer rebates for a variety of energy efficiency upgrades:

- Ductless Heat Pumps up to $800

- Central Heat Pumps up to $1600

- Insulation up to $3,450

- Free Hot Water tank wrapping

Financing Options

20210728-002_Canada Greener Homes Loan_webBanners_ENG_edited.jpg

Federal Government Loan Program for Energy Efficient Upgrades

- Up to $40,000 Available on approval

- 0% interest free term

- 10 yr payback

- Contingent on Home Energy Assessment 


SNAP Home Financing offers flexible financing solutions for homeowners looking to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes.

  • How much can I save on energy costs with a mini-split system?
    The short answer is: significantly. There are several factors that come into play, but we typically save our clients several hundred dollars each year at a minimum, and thousands when they switch from older oil systems. The best thing to do is to reach out by phone or email and we can perform a cost savings for you.
  • How much does a mini-split system cost?
    It depends on size of your home, how many indoor units you would like and if you would like them on different outdoor units or not. Our systems start at $3,450, installed with warranty. There are cheaper systems on the market - but you'll get what you pay for. In our case we ONLY install systems that are built to perform and last in our climate and that come with a minimum manufacturer warranty of 10 yrs.
  • What if I don't want a piece of equipment on my wall?
    Inverters - or heads, as we call them - have come a long way in terms of design. We offer both white, low gloss and mirrored finish heads, and our team will offer great suggestions on a placement that is both functional and stylish. Ceiling units instead - called cassettes - that look like a vent may also be an option for you. However, these can only be installed in rooms with either attic space or a suspended ceiling above.
  • How loud do these get?
    Indoor units are made to be extremely quiet. The most sound you will hear from them is if you put the fan setting on high, and what you'll be hearing is air circulating from the inside fan. Outdoor units are also made to run super quiet. Proper installation and placement of the outdoor unit is key to helping your unit stay quiet.
  • How long does installation take?
    All in, about half a day from start to finish on average. We like to take our time and do everything by the book, and we won't leave without giving you a full tutorial on how to operate your system and empty the filters. We'll spend as much time as you need if you have questions that need answering.
  • How long before I can get something installed?
    In most cases we can install 2-4 weeks
  • How much does it cost to install a mini-split?
    A 1 unit system ranges from $3400 - $5900, depending on model and size
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